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The Stages of Change: Completing Positive Reformations

buy provigil modafinil online Change is hard; there is no question about that. Making positive life changes may seem simple on the surface, but good intentions only go so far. Every day, people with noble ambitions fail in the shadows of daily ruts, habits, and negative behaviors. That is because change is not a single decision that one makes, […]


Binge Drinking and the Path to Alcohol Dependence

April is Alcohol Awareness Month and a time to reflect on drinking habits and how they may affect individual and public health. Although legal and not considered a drug by many people, alcohol is the most abused substance in America. It is a major public health problem, as approximately 1 in 12 adults suffer with […]


Are you a smartphone addict?

Have you ever observed others glued to their phone, couples sitting out at dinner looking at their individual phones, your children irritable and angry when they are separated from their phone or they lose “bars” (bars is cell phone reception)? The new term is PHUBBING or Phone Snubbing. How many of us are attached to […]


New Year’s Resolutions and Making them Stick

The New Year is a time of reflection and change. For many, it marks a turning point and the opportunity for a fresh start toward personal progress and self-improvement. While resolutions vary from person to person, it comes as no surprise that sobriety is a common goal among people with a history of substance abuse […]


2015 Highlights

This year was a busy year of expanding our services as well as conferences and visiting treatment centers.  Here is a quick snapshot of our year at Recovery NOW, Inc.       We added the following services: Somatic Experiencing Therapy (SE) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Addiction Research Project We added […]


Managing Holiday Stress

The holidays are an exciting time each year full of family, friends, and celebration. As fun as this season can be, it can also be a source of great stress – something that can trigger relapse in a person who is newly sobriety. In fact, of all the holidays, Christmas and New Years are the […]


Marijuana Use

Is Marijuana an Herb? Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug in the U.S., with nearly 20 million people using it every month. Though it possesses legal medicinal uses, marijuana is most frequently used for recreation purposes in an effort to achieve a temporary, brain-altering ‘high’. Despite the side effects and medical emergencies that […]


What causes men to batter?

In order to continue to provide information on domestic violence and abuse during October National Domestic Violence Awareness month, we have prepared the following article. Men who batter women come from all socioeconomic, racial, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. The abuser may be young or old, blue collar or white collar, highly paid or unemployed. As […]


Silent Warning Signs of Domestic Abuse

October is Domestic Violence Month. The signs of physical abuse are obvious, but many women suffer the invisible abuse of emotional violence that leaves them confused and disoriented. There are many tactics to this kind of abuse, but an overriding sign is that real communication is impossible, which means nothing ever gets resolved in the relationship. […]


Coping with Empty Nest Syndrome when a Child Leaves Home

It is a transition most parents will experience at some point in time and one that many face with bittersweet sentiment. Anxiety, worry, sadness and loss are just some of the feelings that parents are confronted with when their children leave home for the first time. Though most parents hope their children will grow up […]


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Our Licensed Psychotherapists

At our office, we work together as a team, bringing the feeling of family into the treatment experience. Our team utilizes multiple services and for some multiple providers in our group to help clients and their families achieve success. Individual, family/couples and group therapy are at the foundation of our practice and help us lay the groundwork for a positive path to realizing one's full potential.

Most importantly, the Recovery NOW family is made up of some of the premier therapists and practitioners in the entire San Pedro and Hermosa Beach area. When you choose Recovery NOW, you are getting more than a group of general therapists – you are receiving exceptional care from a team of extraordinary individuals.

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