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Announcing South Bay connect Treatment Center for Codependency in Addition to Substance Abuse

New Innovative Treatment Model South Bay connect Treatment Center is unique, since we have a codependency program that one may participate in even if their family member is not attending our substance abuse treatment program. Often family members will first receive their own treatment before the individual abusing substances receives the necessary help. The whole […]


Coping with Empty Nest Syndrome when a Child Leaves Home

It is a transition most parents will experience at some point in time and one that many face with bittersweet sentiment. Anxiety, worry, sadness and loss are just some of the feelings that parents are confronted with when their children leave home for the first time. Though most parents hope their children will grow up […]


When Loving is Too Much: What Codependency is and What it is Not

Many people live in codependency for many years or even decades with realizing the unhealthy nature of their relationships. In its simplest form, codependency is a behavioral pattern in which a person becomes reliant upon the approval of others. People in codependent relations typically have a low sense of self-worth and find their identity in […]


Living in the Moment: Don’t Let Your Past or Future Hinder Your Present

Buddha once said, “The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.” Unfortunately, most people do not live in the moment – they live in their heads, directly affecting the way […]


Creating and Keeping New Year’s Resolutions that Stick

New Year’s Day is a time to turn over a new leaf and resolve to do the things we wish we would have been doing all along. Americans love making New Year’s resolutions, perhaps because January 1st signifies the beginning of a clean slate. But after the ball drops and the confetti has fallen, the […]


Our Licensed Psychotherapists

At our office, we work together as a team, bringing the feeling of family into the treatment experience. Our team utilizes multiple services and for some multiple providers in our group to help clients and their families achieve success. Individual, family/couples and group therapy are at the foundation of our practice and help us lay the groundwork for a positive path to realizing one's full potential.

Most importantly, the Recovery NOW family is made up of some of the premier therapists and practitioners in the entire San Pedro and Hermosa Beach area. When you choose Recovery NOW, you are getting more than a group of general therapists – you are receiving exceptional care from a team of extraordinary individuals.

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