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Eating Disorders Resource List

Outpatient Treatment Centers

  1. A New Journey Eating Disorder Center: www.anewjourney.net 800-634-1733
  2. The Bella Vita: www.thebellavita.com 323-255-0400 or 818-585-1775
  3. Center for Discovery: www.centerfordiscovery.com 800-760-3934
  4. Clearview Treatment Programs: www.clearviewtreatment.com 800-573-0070
  5. Del Amo Behavioral Health Eating Disorders Program: www.delamotreatment.com 800-824-4936
  6. Eating Disorder Center of California (EDCC), A Monte Nido Affiliate Program www.edcca.com 310-457-9958
  7. La Ventana Treatment Programs www.laventanaed.com 800-560-8518
  8. Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center Eating Disorder Program: http://lomalindahealth.org/behavioral-medicine-center/services/eating-disorders/ 800-752-5999 or 909-558-9275
  9. Monte Nido Treatment Center: www.montenido.com 310-457-9958
  10. Reasons Eating Disorder Center www.reasonsedc.com 800-235-5570 ext 290
  11. Shoreline Center for Eating Disorder Treatment: www.shoreline-eatingdisorders.com 562-434-6007
  12. UCLA Eating Disorders Program eatingdisorders.ucla.edu Adult Intake 310-267-7364
  13. Adolescent Intake 310-825-5730


Residential Treatment Centers

  1. A New Journey Eating Disorder Center: www.anewjourney.net 800-634-1733
  2. DBT Center of Los Angeles www.dbttherapylosangeles.com 310-862-8989
  3. Ocean Recovery: Foundation for Hope wwww.oceanrecovery.com 855-445-873
  4. Eating Recovery Center www.eatingrecoverycenter.com 877-825-858
  5. La Ventana Treatment Programs www.laventanaed.com 800-560-8518
  6. Monte Nido Vista, A Monte Nido Affiliate Program: www.montenido.com 310-457-9958
  7. Oceanaire Eating Disorders Program www.oceanaire-ed.com 866-406-0166
  8. Remuda Ranch at The Meadow www.remudaranch.com 866-390-5100
  9. Rosewood Ranch www.rosewoodranch.com 800-845-2211
  10. Thousand Oaks Residential Treatment (The Bella Vita) www.thebellavita.com 818-515-1775

Support Groups

  1. Recovery NOW, Inc. Adult Eating Disorders Group www.RecoveryNOWLa.com
  2. Eating Disorders Anonymous Support Groups: www.eatingdisordersanonymous.org
  3. ANAD- www.anad.org
  4. Overeaters Anonymous (OA): OA World Service Organization website www.oa.org
  5. Support for Families
  6. FEAST (Families Empowered and Supporting Treatment of Eating Disorders) www.feast-ed.org
  7. Maudsley Parents www.maudleyparents.org


Organizations and Online Resources

  1. Academy of Eating Disorders www.aedweb.org
  2. ANAD- National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders www.anad.org
  3. Binge Eating Disorder Association http://bedaonline.com
  4. Eating Disorder Hope www.eatingdisorderhope.com
  5. International Association of Eating Disorders (IAEDP) www.iaedp.com
  6. National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) www.nationaleatingdisorders.org
  7. National Association for Males with Eating Disorders, Inc (N.A.M.E.D) www.namedinc.org
  8. Something Fishy www.something-fishy.org
  9. The Body Positive www.thebodypositive.org


Recovery Apps for Mobile Devices

Recovery Record – The goal of this app is to help provide support for following your email plan. It will remind you throughout the day to stay on track with meals and snacks. The app will also help you monitor how you are feeling throughout the day.

Self Esteem Daily Affirmations – This app gives you affirmations and the option to create a list of your favorite ones.

Optimism – This app helps you keep track of ways to stay positive, how to take care of yourself, and triggers to avoid. You can log what stressors you have encountered throughout the day and which self-care activities you have done.

Positive Thinking – This app shows steps you can take to start thinking more positively. It has exercises you can do throughout the day such as deep breathing and repeating affirmations. It will also send you alerts with positive quotes throughout the day.

Our Licensed Psychotherapists

At our office, we work together as a team, bringing the feeling of family into the treatment experience. Our team utilizes multiple services and for some multiple providers in our group to help clients and their families achieve success. Individual, family/couples and group therapy are at the foundation of our practice and help us lay the groundwork for a positive path to realizing one's full potential.

Most importantly, the Recovery NOW family is made up of some of the premier therapists and practitioners in the entire San Pedro and Hermosa Beach area. When you choose Recovery NOW, you are getting more than a group of general therapists – you are receiving exceptional care from a team of extraordinary individuals.

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