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Slacker of the Month

Andrew Warren, ASW, Psychotherapist at Recovery NOW reminds you to slack your way to the top.

How much time at our jobs are we really working? Maybe you spent two hours answering time sensitive emails but then spent one hour in a rousing argument with your cubicle-mate about which is the best Police Academy movie (By far it’s Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol). Maybe you shouldn’t feel guilty about that one hour Police Academy debate because it could promote alertness, creativity, and productivity. Check out the link below and read about the benefits of “active rest.”


Photograph of Men Having Conversation Seating on Chair

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Our Licensed Psychotherapists

At our office, we work together as a team, bringing the feeling of family into the treatment experience. Our team utilizes multiple services and for some multiple providers in our group to help clients and their families achieve success. Individual, family/couples and group therapy are at the foundation of our practice and help us lay the groundwork for a positive path to realizing one's full potential.

Most importantly, the Recovery NOW family is made up of some of the premier therapists and practitioners in the entire San Pedro and Hermosa Beach area. When you choose Recovery NOW, you are getting more than a group of general therapists – you are receiving exceptional care from a team of extraordinary individuals.

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