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In continuation of our Healthy Body, Healthy Mind series this month, we shift our focus to eating disorders and how they affect mental health. Unfortunately, eating disorders are more common than many people may think. In fact, an estimated 1 in 20 people will be affected by an eating disorder at some point in their […]


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At RecoveryNOW, we’ve deemed this month ‘Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Month’ in an effort to raise awareness about the effects of physical wellness on mental health. The two are closely intertwined, which is why there are so many people who struggle with co-occurring mental health and physical abuse disorders. In this first post, we want […]


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Millions of people suffer with eating disorders every day, many of whom go undiagnosed. Conditions like bulimia, anorexia and binge-eating disorder often produce symptoms that are similar to other medical conditions. In fact, some eating disorders are actually caused by a medical condition. For example, anorexia – a loss of appetite for food – is […]


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Sarah Marie House an upscale sober living for women located near Historic Old Torrance is now accepting residents in recovery from eating disorders as well as substance abuse and addiction. Recovering from an eating disorder presents similar challenges as those face in recovery from substance use and learning to live a clean and sober lifestyle […]


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Site Visit Review: Eating Recovery Center of California!  Treatment Center Site Visit: Eating Recovery Center of CA! Recovery NOW, Inc. is excited as a part of our blog to share information on our treatment centers site visits with our readers. Being a clinician I recognize how important it is to be able to give our clients […]


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Our Licensed Psychotherapists

At our office, we work together as a team, bringing the feeling of family into the treatment experience. Our team utilizes multiple services and for some multiple providers in our group to help clients and their families achieve success. Individual, family/couples and group therapy are at the foundation of our practice and help us lay the groundwork for a positive path to realizing one's full potential.

Most importantly, the Recovery NOW family is made up of some of the premier therapists and practitioners in the entire San Pedro and Hermosa Beach area. When you choose Recovery NOW, you are getting more than a group of general therapists – you are receiving exceptional care from a team of extraordinary individuals.

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