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Educate Yourself. Teach Others. #ADHD


Educate Yourself. Teach Others. #ADHD


Spread the Word During ADHD Awareness Month


October 2014

October is ADHD Awareness Month! CHADD encourages you to educate yourself, teach others, and blanket the Internet with information about ADHD this month.

During October, CHADD will generate positive social media messages involving  ADHD Champions, teachers, facts about ADHD, resources, infographics, parents of children with ADHD, and adults with ADHD so that you can share them with your social media networks.

Led by actress Wendy Davis of Army Wives, this social media phenomenon will raise awareness of ADHD, share facts and resource information, and instill hope and pride in the ADHD community. Use your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest accounts to share and retweet posts from CHADD and Join the Buzz. Select and share messages from our ADHD Champions including actress Wendy Davis, Auburn University football player Peyton Barber, triathlete Max Fennell, UPS sales executive Mike Merrilees, race car driver Luca Forgeois, entrepreneur Peter Shankman, make up business owner Marta Bota, best-selling author Dr. Dale Archer, and junior golf player Sean Murray. Or, post your own upbeat thoughts.

Read the inspiring stories about our ADHD Champions. Just like you, most of them struggled as youth in school, but found their gifts and creative ways to be successful. ADHD Champions are motivating role models that you and your family can refer to at any time.

Look for ADHD Awareness Month activities across the United States at the ADHD Awareness Month Coalition calendar. CHADD has planned activities in conjunction with the ADHD Awareness Month Coalition which includes CHADD, National Resource Center on ADHD, ADDitude Magazine, ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO), and Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA).

Educate Yourself. Teach Others. #ADHD


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