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A New Year and a New Start in 2017

The New Year is always a time of inner reflection and retrospect, when we think about the successes and failures of the year past and look forward to hope for better tomorrows. For the person suffering with substance abuse, January 1st could be much more than the start of a new year; it could be the first day of a new sober life. When it comes to goal-setting, people tend to focus on bettering themselves in body and mind, as well as in the areas of relationships and finances. Eliminating or reducing the use of harmful substances can be a major step toward bettering oneself in all of those areas, as addiction’s effects go far beyond physical consequences.

Why Now?

By the dawn of January 1st, the holidays may have taken their toll. The stress, grievances, and in some cases sadness of the season often compels users to increase their abuse of drugs and alcohol to cope with their emotions. Not to mention, there are countless parties and social gatherings between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve that create an opportunity to imbibe in excess. By the end of the season, reality sets in, forcing the acknowledgment of a stark reality.

Setting Realistic Goals for Recovery

First and foremost should be the realization that recovery is a lifelong journey – not a goal to be attained. Success is found in the progress and the ability to learn from mistakes. Having realistic expectations sets the foundation for healthy growth and accomplishments along the way. Without a pragmatic approach to recovery, it’s easy to redefine setbacks as failures.

At Recovery NOW, we help our clients make positive changes that are beneficial to the individual’s health and relationships. After a month of drinking too much, eating too much, and perhaps experiencing challenging interactions with family and friends, we create a safe place for our clients to explore the thoughts and triggers behind self-destructive behaviors and begin the path toward a clean and sober tomorrow.

Help Getting Sober in 2017

The basis for Recovery NOW is support and encouragement for people with a history of substance abuse, as well as the people in their lives who love them. Recovery NOW is a support center for individuals working to overcome destructive behaviors and mental health disorders, including substance and alcohol abuse. Whether your goal in the New Year is complete sobriety or perhaps just learning how to enjoy alcohol in moderation, our individual and group therapy services can help.
We can also be of assistance to individuals who are concerned about the well-being of a loved one who is exhibiting signs of substance abuse or dependency. In addition to providing intervention services, we have partnered with South Bay Connect Treatment Center to provide intensive outpatient services to individuals struggling with substance abuse and codependency.

Whatever your goals are for the New Year ahead, Recovery NOW is here to support and provide encouragement along the way. Contact us today for more information. A brighter tomorrow starts today. A New Year and a New Start in 2017

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