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Millions of people suffer with eating disorders every day, many of whom go undiagnosed. Conditions like bulimia, anorexia and binge-eating disorder often produce symptoms that are similar to other medical conditions. In fact, some eating disorders are actually caused by a medical condition. For example, anorexia – a loss of appetite for food – is not always an emotional disorder fueled by a desire to lose weight. Rather, it can also be a secondary medical condition in which a person loses his or her appetite because of other health conditions, such as GERD, Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome and celiac disease.


Though primary diseases are usually easy to diagnose, patients may feel reluctant to reveal secondary eating disorders because of the cultural stigmas that are often associated with them. Alternatively, an eating disorder, such as bulimia or anorexia, may be a mental illness, yet continue undiagnosed or complicated by unrelated health problems that produce symptoms similar to those of eating disorders. Often, people with a primary eating disorder will attempt to hide the condition by making a self-diagnosis of another condition, such as a food intolerance or gastrointestinal disease.

Since most eating disorders produce an unhealthy body mass index (BMI), anyone with a BMI that is too high or too low should be thoroughly evaluated by an eating disorder specialist – even if the symptoms are believed to be caused by a pre-existing health condition. By working together with a specialist and a nutritionist, patients with eating disorders can learn to eat healthful, balanced diets and maintain a healthy weight. Our Eating Disorders Specialist Marilyn Brown, LMFT assists individuals and their families with eating disorders recovery

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Meet Our Eating Disorders Specialist, Marilyn Brown

Sarah Marie House an upscale sober living for women located near Historic Old Torrance is now accepting residents in recovery from eating disorders as well as substance abuse and addiction. Recovering from an eating disorder presents similar challenges as those face in recovery from substance use and learning to live a clean and sober lifestyle free from unhealthy eating behaviors is important for overall recovery. A safe and supportive environment that also provides the key component of accountability is key and at Sarah Marie House the director Kathi Donahue provides just that, and only 15 minutes away from the beach!

Sarah Marie House Living Area
Sarah Marie House Living Area
Sarah Marie House community kitchen
Sarah Marie House Community Kitchen

Sarah Marie House provides 24 on-site management and Kathi is available daily to residents to provide support. In addition to 24 management Sarah Marie House has a daily 12 step/recovery meeting requirement and all residents participate in daily morning group meditation and evening reflection time together. The staff at Sarah Marie are committed to supporting a successful transition to a sober lifestyle so all aspects of an individuals recovery program including referrals to support services and providers are implemented as needed.

Sarah Marie House is currently accepting new residents. Contact Kathi Donahue for more information! Details below.

Phone: 310-699-4750

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Partnerships are key to providing comprehensive care so Recovery NOW, Inc. is committed to building relationships with other providers. Contact us today to schedule a site visit at your facility! For more information on treatment for Addiction, Eating Disorders and other mental health concerns please visit our main page at

Marilyn Brown, LMFT
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist/Social Media Director
Recovery NOW, Inc.



Site Visit Review: Eating Recovery Center of California!

 Treatment Center Site Visit: Eating Recovery Center of CA!

Recovery NOW, Inc. is excited as a part of our blog to share information on our treatment centers site visits with our readers. Being a clinician I recognize how important it is to be able to give our clients first hand information on the treatment centers we may refer them to for a higher level of care. As an outpatient therapist when I refer my clients to a higher level of care for treatment it is important for me to be able to honestly reassure my client that the treatment model and interventions used at the center are evidence based practices. I also often coordinate with and need to reassure families that their loved ones are being sent to programs that equipped and qualified to treat their family members individual concerns. Simply reading websites and talking to providers on the phone is often not enough to get an honest impression of the care being offered. Most treatment centers are open to clinicians calling and scheduling tours and site visits however my visit to Eating Recovery Center of Califonia on May 23, 2014 located in Sacramento, was an exceptionally well organized and structured Professional Onsite visit.


ERCCA visit photo

Eating Recovery Center of California provides 7 day per week Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Services for those with eating disorders and co occurring substance use disorders. The visit was coordinated by Melinda Kolberg, the Professional Relations Coordinator and she was a fantastic and well informed host. After being greeted by Melinda, our group of Therapists, Registered Dieticians and Registered Nurses were introduced to the staff and educated on key components of the treatment provided by ERCCA. All aspects of the program were presented and outlined by the director of that area of treatment. We were given information on the clinical assessment process (which is offered free of charge both in person or by phone), the medical and nutritional departments, and general program information for both the adult and adolescent services. Eating Recovery Center of California offers family support both in group and family session format, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness and other process and goal setting groups throughout the day. ERCCA also provides 7 day per week treatment with a medical staff (RN) onsite at all times which is helps address the problem of clients relapsing into behaviors over the weekends which is common in 5 day per week programs. In addition to the great information and networking at the site visit we were treated to a wonderful breakfast, snacks, lunch, and the best cookie I think I have ever eaten!

In addition to the program the staff is warm, friendly, and you get the feeling they are truly invested in the work they do. After the site visit I feel confident and truly look forward to working with Eating Recovery Center of Calfornia in the future. Visit their website at to learn more about treatment programs, professional onsite visits, and their conference in Denver Colorado coming up this August!



Marilyn Brown, LMFT
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist/Social Media Director
Recovery NOW, Inc.