Andrew Warren, ASW, Psychotherapist at Recovery NOW just made it across the monkey bars.

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” The article below featured in The Atlantic revisits the benefits of play as an important part of a child’s development; assisting in areas of memory, cognition, social skills, and maybe even mental health. Although we understand that play does pay, it appears that children are playing less than years before and it could be related to our cultural fixation that our kiddos get into Stanford. Take the math book out of Juliana’s hand for a moment and let her know the top of the jungle gym has just suddenly transformed into the mast of her pirate ship.


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Andrew Warren, ASW, Psychotherapist at Recovery NOW is getting his steps.

Most of us want to increase our physical activity. Some of us are equipped to do super lunges while shoulder pressing a Buick Skylark over our heads but for those of us that prefer less vigorous activity, walking works just fine. Below is a link to an article from the Mayo Clinic that features the benefits of walking as well as some strategies to make those walks more effective.

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Andrew Warren, ASW, Psychotherapist at Recovery NOW understands that yoga can be beneficial to mental health.

Yoga studios pepper the southern California sprawl for good reason. Many yogis experience physical, spiritual, and mental benefits from the 5,000 year old discipline. The article below features how yoga can improve your mental health.

Andrew Warren, ASW, Psychotherapist at Recovery NOW understands that hiking can be beneficial to mental health.

Many of us spend a significant part of our day in urban and suburban environments: traffic, noise, and lights. All these stimuli can become overwhelming and stressful. The article below discusses a study about noted brain changes associated with those who spent more time walking in natural settings. Skip the gym and hit the trail.

urban environments

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