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Announcing New Recovery Services Treatment Programs for Codependency in Addition to Substance Abuse


New Innovative Treatment Model

South Bay connect Treatment Center is unique, since we have a codependency program that one may participate in even if their family member is not attending our substance abuse treatment program. Often family members will first receive their own treatment before the individual abusing substances receives the necessary help. The whole family system must learn how to not revolve around substance abuse and redefine the family system meaning and purpose.
One of Reconnect’s 2 Founders, Alicia MacGowan, LCSW, LAADC, CAI, will be facilitating these groups. Alicia has been working with codependency since 1992 in a variety of settings. She has found in her own psychotherapy practice and the Interventions that she has facilitated that long-term change in the substance abuse family system cannot be achieved until everyone involved with the substance abuser receives their own help. As an Interventionist, she has worked with family members to help motivate their loved ones to change. She knows and appreciates the challenges everyone faces when trying to overcome addiction. She and Dr. Tsuang envisioned a treatment model whereby the family and friends of the substance abuser simultaneously are receiving their own treatment. This is a model that they have piloted in their own private practices with exceptional outcomes.

Benefits of the new innovative treatment model, “Family Addiction Model for Treatment”:

Treatment Outcomes – When the entire family is involved in substance abuse, treatment helps increase engagement rate for entry into treatment, reduced dropout rates, better outcomes and prevents relapse for the individual abusing substances.
Family Recovery – Involvement of families broadens the focus to other family issues, not merely the substance abuse. Both the substance abuser and the family obtain the necessary help from an addiction specialist and maintain abstinence.

Patient Recovery – After visiting a treatment center, family members who are willing and actively support the affected member to recover enhance the possibility of a successful, durable recovery. The patient recovers from codependency behaviors including uncontrollable emotional reactions, fear of rejection, inability to build loving relationships, and more. The substance abuser learns the necessary day-to-day skills to manage daily stressors without the use of alcohol and drugs.

Intergenerational Impact – The new innovative treatment model can help minimize the effect and recurrence of drug use disorders in various generations.

This model treats several problems of codependency and substance abuse to produce better results. Finally, this model accommodates the each family’s unique needs and seeks to understand the core issues for everyone in the family in order to promote recovery, hope and change.
If a loved one is suffering from substance abuse and refusing to get help. You can join our codependency program at South Bay connect Treatment Center to help you restore your life.

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