Treatment Evaluations

What is a treatment evaluation?

If you or your loved one has agreed to treatment and you are wondering where to go, we are here to help make that decision. A Licensed Trained Mental Health Professional will assess and determine what the individual needs are of the client and the best facility to meet those needs. We also assist with escorting the individual to treatment if necessary.

Is the cost of treatment negotiable?

Yes, and as part of our service we will negotiate the cost of treatment for those individuals who are paying cash for treatment.

Why do I need a treatment evaluation?

We have taken the time to tour many facilities and are familiar with their treatment process. Treatment is not a one-size fits all. The individual needs of the client determine the treatment recommendations. Many Professionals may work with one or two facilities. We have relationships with many facilities and base our recommendations on the needs of the client, not limiting our choices to one or two facilities. We are also familiar with success rates as a result of our own clients experiences.

“Inpatient treatment may be the foundation for long-term recovery.     

Making sure that you have a solid foundation when leaving treatment Ensures Long-term Success and Relapse Prevention.”


Meet Our Treatment Evaluator

Alicia MacGowan, L.C.S.W., L.A.A.D.C., CAI

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