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Jimmy Cabrera Jr., L.C.S.W., R.Y.T.

Licensed Psychotherapist San Pedro

Psychotherapist ~ Adults & Families

Jimmy Cabrera Jr. utilizes a holistic approach to therapy, providing his clients a safe and open space to help them identify various domains in their lives, which are lacking integration.  Habitual patterns of thought and behavior may result in chronic anxiety, depression,  anger, insomnia, poor self-image drug use, any number of unhealthy impulses.  These patterns of thought and behavior from our experiences, our temperaments, our relationships, our trauma, are often unobserved; but with awareness and time we can widen our windows of tolerance to external stimuli and allow more compassion for ourselves.  We can use the mind to rewire the brain.  We can tap into the wisdom of our bodies to identify knots, and creatively forge new and exciting paths toward liberation.  Everything is changeable; nothing is permanent.  Using our minds and bodies we can create new pathways of lightness.  We can let go of the burdens that keep us from living our fuller, self-realized lives.

Specialty Experience:

Mindful Awareness Practices

Our minds and bodies inherently strive for self-organization; we often need to get out of our own way to allow healing to occur.  Tuning in to the wisdom of our breath and body we can ground ourselves in the present moment to observe from a calm and curious distance the myriad blockages that we can transcend to experience a fullness of life we may not have imagined possible.

Mental Illness

I have worked extensively with people with severe mental illnesses, including major mood disorders and psychotic disorders, as a case worker and providing therapeutic services.  Despite unique and often debilitating symptoms, people with these diagnoses deserve the same basic components for recovery.  Respectfully borrowing from Dr. Mark Ragins, Medical Director at Mental Health of American The Village, these vital components are:  Hope, Empowerment, Self-responsibility and a Meaningful role in life.  Working toward these goals with all clients has been a central focus since the beginning of my career.

Substance Abuse

The majority of the people I’ve worked with have serious substance use issues, and I’ve seen the devastating effects it has on one’s mood, relationships, ability to work, and physical, mental, and spiritual health.  With compassion, I meet clients at whichever stage they are at, and together we move forward from there.


Whether developmental trauma we endured as children, or discrete traumatic experiences we’ve had as adults, I work with people to begin to feel safe again in the world, with others, and within their bodies.  Using a variety of methods we can gently approach the threshold, the scary or upsetting feelings or memories, and work toward not just tolerating the sensations or impulses, but becoming an incredibly stronger person as a result.

LGBTQ issues

Our culture is changing for the better, but stigma and challenges persist.  In addition to the daily stressors of living and working in this society, LGBTQ people must face a unique dimension of considerations that others simply do not.  From coming out, living your truthful identity, work-related concerns, raising a family, partnership and/or marriage, this is a topic and reality that I, personally, continue to live and explore.

Couples and Intimacy

At their best, our intimate relationships provide warmth, security, support, passion, friendship, fun, and playfulness, or they can be a source of frustration and coldness.  Communication can be difficult, but improved dialogue with your partner is possible when given the right tools.  Both partners can grow individually and as a powerful union when each person’s needs are being met and the collaborative spirit begins to emerge.


Faith and the idea of interconnectedness is often a powerful inspiration for feeling safe, protected, tranquil, and motivation for positive change.  Jimmy provides an open and curious space for people to draw upon their personal beliefs and connection to divinity in his practice.

Creative Expression

“Creativity is the natural order of life.  Life is energy:  pure creative energy.  Our creative dreams and yearnings come from a divine source.  As we move toward our dreams, we move toward our divinity.” – – Julia Cameron

Jimmy understands the link between creativity and our well-being.  Expressing our observations, dreams, and truths through our  our voice, our body, or work is an integral part of what gives us meaning, radiance, and life force.

Professional Experience:

Los Angeles County Department of Health Services

Psychiatric Social Worker II

Complete initial mental health assessments for inmates at the Los Angeles County Jail-Twin Towers.  Coordinate care for inmates with psychiatrists, medical staff, and custody.  Initiate release planning for housing programs, drug treatment, and outpatient mental health treatment.  Developed and led a weekly yoga/mindfulness group for female inmates at Century Regional Detention Facility.

Homes For Life Foundation

Supportive Service Coordinator

Provided therapeutic services and case management for adults with major mental illnesses including schizophrenia, bipolar d/o, major depression, as well adults on the autism spectrum.  Developed and facilitated a Series in Mindful Awareness Practices support groups.

Older Adult Services and Integration System (OASIS)

Personal Service Coordinator

Provided therapeutic mental health services to an older chronically mentally ill population at risk for homelessness, utilizing mindfulness-based concepts as foundation for therapy.

Mental Health America of Los Angeles; “The Village”

Personal Service Coordinator

Built relationships with people dealing with severe mental health barriers.  Collaborated with team to assess and develop informed and personalized treatment plans.  Located community resources and expose members to new opportunities.


California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo


California State University, Long Beach

Bachelor of Arts Degree

Major – Communication Studies

Minor – Dance

Master of Social Work-Community Mental Health

Master’s Thesis-  Re-integration for Ex-offenders:  An Arts Intervention

License and Certifications:

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW79248)

Registered Yoga Teacher 200hr

Uprising Yoga Trauma Informed Certification

Professional Organization Affiliations:

National Association of Social Workers (NASW)

Yoga Alliance

“Understanding that the choices we make today will inevitably impact our future.  Mindfullness is being centered in the present so that one is able to evaluate and determine the most positive thought and action.  Assisting my clients with improving their ability to make the best decisions for their future is the goal of therapy.”

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