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John Webber, M.S., L.M.F.T.

San Pedro Licensed Psychotherapist

Psychotherapist ~ Adults, Couples, Adolescents, Children, and Families

As a Licensed Psychotherapist, I believe the therapeutic process requires an assessment of the individual challenges one faces along with the various family and institutional systems that influence one’s individual challenges. I am an advocate for my clients and empower them to be their own best advocate. Increasing self-awareness and developing more effective coping skills are important aspect of therapy. Understanding what your goals are and determining together how best to achieve these goals is an important aspect of psychotherapy.

In addition to being a Psychotherapist, I am a regular guest lecturer at the USC School of Social Work, where I share my experience, intuition, and guidance to graduate students. I also produce and co-host a podcast on counseling and therapy. I invite you to view my podcast here:

Specialty Experience:

Couples & Counseling

Relationships go through predictable stages from passion, to power and control, and then on to some form of acceptance and understanding. In psychotherapy, couples are able to see the whole picture. They learn to communicate better, and to set goals to improve their relationships. Together they learn to have dialogues that reinforce and validate one another, allowing them to repair the disorganized state of their relationship into one of secure attachment and love.


Individual counseling provides a safe, non-judgmental place for adults to process their experiences and challenges into a healthy goal-oriented life. Together we identify the forces that shaped you and explore healthier ways you can grow and change in the direction that is best for you.


The teen years are an amazing time of life, but also one of the most difficult transitions we will make as human beings. With more challenges than ever before frustrated parents and their teens can find workable solutions in psychotherapy.


Parents often turn to counseling to address the challenges of raising their kids, and to find answers to guide their children through early childhood and early school years. I incorporate the models of play therapy, child–centered, and family therapy to help you find the answers to your children’s needs. 


I offer useful concepts from experience, intuition, and from a parent effectiveness model. I coach parents to use active listening skills, and show them important methods to getting along with their children; as they manage the parental obligations of addressing behavior and teaching life lessons.

Family Therapy

I work from an experiential and collaborative model. In this model each member of the family has a voice in therapy. In family sessions, each individual in the family gets a chance to share their view of the conflict, and to ask for what they want and need. Here, families work together and learn to identify how the family processes communications, and how each member follows the spoken and unspoken rules of the family. Those who enter this type of psychotherapy find it helps to build greater family attachments as they heal together.

Premarital Counseling

If more people would consider premarital counseling, we might avoid so many painful divorces. Those who enter premarital counseling learn more about themselves and the person they love. They explore the obstacles to a fulfilling marriage before learning about them the hard way. This approach helps couples identify areas of challenge and areas of strength that they share as a couple.

Sex and Intimacy Psychotherapy

Available for couples wishing to communicate better about their level of intimacy, and to explore the meaning of their sex lives together, thereby bring enjoyment and connection back into their relationship.

Social Skills Training

We are social beings, and our relationships are the primary motivating driver in our ability to enjoy others and live a happy, fulfilling existence. Many have found that building their social skills improves their ability to co-exist happily with others. Social skills training can be customized to the needs of the individual child, teen or adult seeking guidance.


Anxiety is probably the reason most people seek therapy worldwide. The good news is anxiety is very treatable. In a good therapeutic relationship, a motivated client can reduce or eliminate their anxiety and begin enjoying the here and now.


Clinical depression can be quite debilitating and must be treated. Without the necessary psychotherapy, depression can continue to compromise the individual’s ability to lead a successful and productive. Helping my clients to overcome depression leads to a life full of vitality and healthy relationships.


Trauma may unconsciously negatively influence everything we think say and do in our lives. Trauma is a common cause of additional and regressive psychological issues.

The less obvious types of trauma we may experience are a difficult employment situation, a change in socioeconomic status, the loss of a job, divorce, loss of a friend, family member or lover, a car accident or other accident or a change in mental, growing up in a home where one or both parents abused alcohol/drugs or mentally ill and changes in physical health. The more common perceptions of trauma are domestic violence, rape, sexual abuse, and physical abuse, combat. Everyone has a unique response to their circumstances. What may be considered trauma for one person, may not be for the other. Respecting your unique experience and navigating this recovery is an important aspect of therapy.

Psychotherapy provides a way back to a life without the day to day effects of trauma.

Grief and Loss

We can never fully prepare for grief or the sense of loss it brings. Psychotherapy provides help in the midst of the experience, and on the journey through the specific tasks and complex feelings of grieving. Navigating the stages of grief and loss will help one gain more fulfillment and understanding of their own purpose in life without their loved one.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder, is an often-misunderstood medical condition and if untreated can cause tremendous destruction in life. Bipolar Disorder is a manageable illness with the help of a Psychiatrist and medication. In psychotherapy, clients learn about their disorder, and the causes and challenges to the psychological issues that arise from the disorder. Therapy helps those diagnosed with a place to tell their story and gain useful concepts and coping skills.

Men’s Issues

Issues that all adults face; anxiety, depression, substance abuse, trauma, grief and loss, divorce, illness, career and financial worries, etc. psychotherapy for men take these same issues and further process them from the unique perspective of men.

Psychotherapy for Creative types

Since I am a creative person myself, I understand the unique experience of thinking outside of the box. Writers actors, musicians, artists, industry professionals are clients I have assisted over the years. Often with creativity, comes a sensitive side to being human. The world needs creative people to be creative. Psychotherapy can be a worthwhile endeavor for creative people as they explore issues that affect them and their work.

Addiction and Recovery

In addressing substance use, addiction, and recovery, I believe it is important to meet the client where he/she is at. This being said I am trained to assist clients with achieving and maintaining sobriety as well as employ a Harm Reduction Model. My psychotherapy emphasizes the multiple meanings that substance use can carry, as well as the importance of a good therapist – client treatment relationship. Targeting the substance use, as well as the other biological, psychological, and social issues that factor into drug use and misuse are important aspects of psychotherapy.

Autism Spectrum Disorders

I work with children, teens, and adults, on the autism spectrum. Those with ASD experience depression, anxiety, and other challenges to reaching their full potential. Many find psychotherapy and social skills training effective tools to improving their abilities to socialize and build relationships. Through this process, they can improve their ability to identify their own meaning and purpose to living.



California State University, Dominguez Hills
Master of Science, Counseling Psychology – Marital and Family Therapy

Licensing, Education, and Affiliations:
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, LMFT #87672, California Board of Behavioral Sciences,

Professional Affiliations:

International Centre for Emotionally-Focused Couples Therapy
CAMFT- California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

     “I work to understand your experience, and together we explore options that will improve your quality of life and
create a more peaceful and meaningful life.”

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