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Recovery Choices is a support group sponsored by Recovery NOW, Inc. and is supported by group member donations.

San Pedro Location

Day: Tuesdays
Time: 2:00PM
Address: 916 North Western Ave.,
Suite# 210
San Pedro, CA 90732

Recovery Choices was developed by a group of Mental Health Professionals working with individuals with substance abuse and mental health concerns. We recognize the recovery that happens when one is working a 12-step program and have seen firsthand the benefits of combining psychotherapy and 12-step support. Yet many of our Clients were looking for additional support or something other than 12-step programs.  We hope to provide a recovery support group for those who may be looking for an alternative. After all,  the road to recovery is best when one is not alone.

Promote clean & sober lifestyles for individuals

Recognize that mental health problems often co-exist with substance abuse problems

We encourage individuals to seek mental health treatment as needed

Examine the relationship an individual has
developed with substances and replace this with positive relationships and healthy lifestyle choices


Recovery Choices defines recovery as being clean & sober.

Our goal is to assist group members with achieving and maintaining recovery.

We also recognize that accomplishing recovery is a “recovery process” and all individuals with a desire to work towards this goal
are welcome to attend.

Your first milestone is 30 days of being clean and sober

We will celebrate other significant milestones
of your recovery process during the first meeting
of every month.

We know this is not a perfect process and there are relapses. We are here to support you along this road to recovery.