Communication and Relationship Issues

What should I do my partner and I are constantly arguing and can’t seem to understand each other anymore?

Relationship and communication problems are distressing for a couple at any stage in their relationship. Negative interactions can lead you to feeling disconnected from your partner and feel as though you are no longer on the same team. Over time, these problems can lead you to the decision to separate even in a well matched previously happy couple. Working with a trained couples Therapist will teach you with the skills needed to improve your communication and work on distressing relationship issues.

We are dealing with normal life issues, how can therapy help us?

Many issues can cause arguments and difficulty in a relationship. Financial strain, work issues, family crisis and loss can all effect a relationship negatively. Working with a Therapist will help you learn how to communicate effectively with your spouse or partner and that communication will help you learn to support each other through whatever trials you will face as a couple.

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