Stress & Anger Management


More importantly there are many

psychological and physiological consequences

associated with stress.

I feel like I’m having a hard time managing all of demands in my life but I’ve never needed Therapy before. Can Therapy help?

Yes. Dealing with the increasingly high demands in our lives and multiple sources of pressure have led to many very healthy people struggling with anxiety and depression related to stress. Working with a Therapist to help you learn the skills to manage stress and cope effectively with life challenges.

I always end up blowing up and making things worse. How can Therapy help me?

Many people struggle with acting out when they are angry. Anger is one of the basic human emotions and we are all physically effected by anger when we feel it. Learning to effectively express our anger is not something we are taught and more often we are taught to mask or hide our anger with other emotions which leads eventually acting out in anger. A Psychotherapist will help you understand your anger and stress reactions on a physical, emotional, and cognitive level and will teach you alternative skills to cope with anger and improve your positive communication skills.

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