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Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Eating Disorders
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Psychiatry & Psychotherapy
Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Eating Disorders San Pedro and Long Beach California

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Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse Treatment  San Pedro & Long Beach

Have you thought about stopping the use of drugs or alcohol or already tried to quit?

Does it feel as though you are facing a mountain climb alone with no clear path in sight? Does the idea of quitting leave you feeling anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, and/or angry along with many other feelings? We have helped many people recover from alcohol/drug use and are familiar with the challenges one faces when quitting these substances and relapse prevention. Understanding the relapse process and one’s individual triggers is an important part of your life-long recovery. PsychotherapyDialectical Behavior Therapy, Art Therapy allows for a unique understanding of the challenges you face. We know substance abuse is a complex problem and we offer a very comprehensive treatment approach to assist with the problem. You may be thinking it’s time to go to treatment. We provide treatment evaluations in order to make sure you attend the facility that matches your individual needs, since rehab is not one-size fits all. If you need help understanding and recovering from alcohol/drug use, we are here to help.

Is AA/NA/CA/MA/CMA for me?

12-Step programs have helped many people achieve sobriety. Through this process, “The Program” helps people restore their lives. The 12-Steps are about humility, understanding, forgiveness and achieving balance in one’s life. The program is world renowned and has been adapted to treat many other problems other than addiction. We believe in the 12-Steps and the recovery that can happen when one “Works The Steps.” The program is simple, “Keep It Simple”, and straightforward: “It Works If You Work It & Won’t If You Don’t.”

What if I’m not comfortable with the 12-Step Programs?                                      

You may be feeling as if you are on the road to recovery all alone.  We are there to help you if for one reason or another you may not be comfortable with the 12-Step approach.  Especially if abstinence is not the goal, the 12-Steps may not be the best approach.  Our Recovery Choices Group is a Non-12-Step support group to assist individuals with achieving and maintaining clean and sober lifestyles.  Whether your goal is abstinence from drugs/alcohol or reducing alcohol consumption, we have helped many people recover who choose not to utilize the 12-Steps and we can help you, too.

Are you, a family member, or a friend dealing with substance dependence?

Substance dependence (SD) affects everyone who is part of the dependent individual’s life. Anger, disappointment, betrayal are only a few of the feelings that come with SD. Are you wondering how this became your problem and why your life has become unmanageable? Do you require the assistance of an Interventionist to motivate your loved one to change? Children of SD often have difficulty with relationships and identifying their own needs, often becoming substance abusers themselves or marry others with drug/alcohol problems. You see, there are unspoken rules in such a family. These unspoken rules are, “We do not talk, trust or feel.” These rules can create pain and sadness in your life and Codependency. You may need help, too. Everyone in the SD family needs help to recover from the long-ranging effects of substance dependence.


The Addiction Scale Illustrates The Progression of Drug & Alcohol Problems

Alcoholism Self-test Also Provided