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Women’s Issues

What are Women’s Issues?

Women’s lives in today’s society are extremely complex. Whether you are a young woman coming into her own and trying to balance parental expectations with your own voice, or you are later in your life and reclaiming your independence, starting a new career, or returning to the workforce after an extended absence while you focused on your family, there are many challenges that face women. Transitions in life include graduating from high school or college, having a baby, menopause and aging may bring many feelings and concerns which a Therapist may assist with.

Why is therapy helpful specifically for women’s issues?

The various roles woman have in society as well as and in the family has led to certain pressures that are unique to women. Unrealistic expectations of women’s bodies and impossible standards for a woman’s multiple roles as mother, wife, care-taker and career woman as well as unachievable goals for work life balance can lead to a woman’s diminished sense of self. Fortunately, psychotherapy helps to challenge these negative distortions and help to form a realistic and accurate sense of self. We can help empower you to take control of your life, balance your needs and wants with the expectations of others in order to start living the life you want to live.

Will my family suffer if I go to therapy?

This is a common fear for women seeking therapy to work on their own personal issues but actually the opposite is more common. If you are suffering silently without seeking help, this struggle is inevitably going to affect your family. Though getting help will take some time away from your family, that time is extremely valuable to you, them, and your relationship. By seeking help and focusing on improving your own issues you are much more able to show love and support to your family.